Monday, February 5, 2007

Morgellons Disease - Skin Care Article

Causes of Eczema on Hands and Effective Treatment
By Dane Bergen

One of the most annoying forms of eczema is atopic eczema on hands. In this area it can get very irritating indeed. With the constant use of the hands, and their easy reaching access, the itching can become unbearable, and scratching the itch can become a habit which leads to a very severe rash in some people, and often times spreads up the forearms of the person affected.

Eczema on hands is one of the most common places to have breakouts of eczema. This is because the hands are a very dry area of skin on the body. Other area’s include the elbows, knee’s, ears and face. These are also some of the most visible area’s that other people will notice which is why eczema is such a troubling disease and can lead to lowered self esteem and lack of confidence which is at times a far worse side effect than the eczema itself, because even when the eczema is cured, this lower self esteem and lack of confidence can stick around for years, and even a lifetime, which is why it should be treated the best way possible as soon as possible.

Discovering that you have eczema on hands is often one of the first signs of the onset of a worse eczema epidemic, so if you have itchy hands, and suspect that it could be eczema on hands, go and see your doctor straight away to get the correct tests done to have it properly diagnosed so treatment can start before the problem gets worse, because eczema on hands has a tendency to get worse quite quickly without proper attendance and treatment.

The treatment of eczema usually begins with professional doctors treatment. Commonly the patient goes to visit a dermatologist (skin specialist) and some tests are run to determine the type of eczema and the severity and from this point a plan of attack can be made to target the eczema to try and relieve the discomfort and possibly get rid of it completely. If this does not work, or not with the effectiveness that the patient envisioned, they generally turn to other methods, such as holistic treatment, natural treatment or home remedies which many only provide a placebo effect, however some have been shown to provide significant relief.

If you see eczema on hands of someone you know or if you have it yourself, go and visit a doctor and take the required steps for treatment before the problem escalates. This is a very important point – do it as soon as possible as urgency is the key to effective treatment.

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