Saturday, March 3, 2007

Morgellons Disease: The First Victim to Become ‘Symptom-Free’ Shares Her Story of Triumph

This compassionate story is revealed for the first time by a victim who suffered with Morgellons disease for nearly 10 years.

[ClickPress, Fri Mar 02 2007] Connie M shares a story that surely all Morgellons sufferers can relate to. A story of her struggled for many years trying desperately to get help from the medical community for an insidious disease, only to be told that she has 'Delusions of Parasitosis' or DOP and that it is 'all in her head'.

Morgellons Disease is so new that it's not even recognized by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) as a disease. They have promised to investigate Morgellons since June of last year, but has yet to begin their investigation.

Morgellons is a horrific disease where the victim feels as though there are animals crawling under their skin and biting them constantly. Lesions bearing strange multi-colored fibers form all over their bodies. These fibers appear to be “silica based”, while all life as we know it is “carbon based”. Furthermore, these fibers do not begin to burn until they reach 1700 degrees F, leading to all sorts of rumor and speculation about their origin. Sufferers also experience chronic fatigue and 'Brain Fog' so severe, that most victims not only spend 10 to 20 hours a day sleeping, but they also can't remember what they said 2 minutes ago. These symptoms are almost always accompanied by depression and hopelessness which is intensified by the tendency for the medical community to draw a conclusion without conducting adequate research, and has lead several sufferers to suicide.

Connie's heroic story is one of fortitude and commitment to finding an effective treatment before even knowing the name of this debilitating affliction. Through a friend who's involved in the distribution of a product that's used in third world countries to purify drinking water, they stumble upon an extremely effective treatment. Connie tells of the struggles, the pain and ultimately arriving at a point where she could say “I am now symptom-free!”

Morgellons disease is reported in every state in the United States, and in most other countries, predominantly the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand along with many parts of Asia.
It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people in the US and millions around the world are infected by Morgellons.

The Medical Profession has already decided that it is 'all in the victims head' and Morgellons does not exist. This is precisely what the early AIDS patients experienced 25 years ago.

“If not for the Internet, I don't know where these people could go for support”, says Jeff Sohler, founder of, one of many websites dedicated to the disease. “I would say that Morgellons is the “First Internet Disease”, and that the Internet will not only provide a “support structure” for victims, but will also be the vehicle that “raises awareness” of Morgellons. This will help change the way the people, and more notably, the medical community perceives the disease, which is the first step to finding a cure.”

Connie's video can bee seen at is an on-line Community dedicated to supporting sufferers of Morgellons Disease. The site features Articles, Videos, Blogs, Galleries, a Forum, GeoMap, Research and much more.

Jeff Sohler

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What a wonderful story, this is inspiring to those who have Morgellons.