Sunday, June 17, 2007

Morgellon's Disease Article: Texas Victim

News artcle about a woman in Texas who believes she has Morgellon's Disease

05/20/07 - Lufkin, Texas
Morgellons Disease
by Josh Ault

Crawling, stinging and biting are the symptoms of an unknown skin condition effecting people across the nation. Some experts say it is mental, while those who have it say it is real. One Lufkin woman says it is real, and shared her story with KTRE.

Gayle Crager has suffered from an unknown disease for over six years. It was until about two years ago that she found a name for it: Morgellons Disease.

The symptoms of Morgellons Disease are disturbing. Gayle describes the feeling as if bugs are crawling under your skin. She said, "You feel them biting you . . . you have intensive itching." The condition gets worse, fiber like strands come out of the skin. They are sometimes called worms. Crager said, "They can be red, black . . . most of mine have been black." She says that the fibers mimic the clothes that she wears.

Gayle says that at first it starts out as a pimple, and then spreads to the entire body. She has scars all over her body, and fresh sores that are new. "It's devastating, its totally devastating, mentally and physically," she said.

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