Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Morgellons for the Paranoid

I ran across this posting and took a look around the author's site too.  If you are the type who is paranoid of just about everything, you might want to stop by:  Click here for the site

"Everyone is getting sick lately. Coughs, skin problems, auto immune problems. The chemtrail activity has been high too. The spraying is almost everyday, and days that are sunny are soon overcast. A heavy (metallic I’m guessing) fog during most mornings too. Because the crap in the aerosol is so heavy?
What does this have to do with children? I saw a baby shortly before writing this. I held her and she looked at my face intently. Like she was examining it with a curious intelligence. Like she could see something that the adults were oblivious to. She grabbed my face and pulled. I go home, and I’ve been itchy lately. I have a sensitive body because I’ve been through so much. I itch my face and pull a hair out. It’s this thick hair with a sheath of goop. I’ve known for awhile about chemtrails and the bio agents that the U.S. corporation govern-mente has been spraying. It turns out these could be nano infections/mycoplasma that climb into the pores and use the tissue to grow. I’ve also read that they are ancient parasitic insects, or mold. From the research I’ve done, morgellons is a word that may represent many different things.
There are a lot of chemtrails where I live, even on a blue sky day (as blue as it gets with the chemicals in the air) there is a thick haze that goes up about 400 ft. We’re literally getting dumped on. I first noticed the abnormal hair and itching when I started using my cell phone more. This indicates a response to electromagnetic radiation. My conclusion is that it is nano technology, and that we’re being experimented on (by those projecting their own savagery and deception). This isn’t going to stop until there’s no more people to kick around, or people stand up and demand answers/do something about it. I’m writing this because few if anyone I know would listen to it. There’s grids in the sky, unnatural clouds and these strange occurrences and yet people ignore it. I know there are people out there who are awake though.
I’m not sure if morgellons are dispersed with the chemtrails, or if it goes higher than the ones controlling the spraying. Maybe they were created by nature to clean us out, or something not of this world. I do know that chemtrails weaken the immune system, which would make people more susceptible to infections. At any rate we’re like test animals on this planet and that is not right. No one is going to save us for us though. We have to become our own swords of justice and virtue. The holy spirit works from within. A parasite can’t be beat from the outside in. You have to think inside out. It is invading and has no right to invade. Open your eyes and take a stand. It’s your body, your mass."

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