Monday, December 4, 2006

Disease or Psychological Disorder?

The most pressing question regarding Morgellons is whether or not it is in fact a disease/parasite infestation or just something dreamed up by overactive imaginations. Often diagnosed as Delusional Parasitosis and treated as a mental illness or shrugged off by physicians, it is recognized by a few in the field as a widespread disease. Mary Leitao is credited with giving a name to this affliction and organizing the Morgellons Research Foundation to further research and research funding efforts. Others, discredit Morgellons as a catch-all blanket for people suffering from psychological disorders which perpetuates their belief. Morgellons Watch is a site dedicated to finding information that exposes this side of the argument.
Disease or simply a psychological disorder? Only time and research will be able to answer this question. For now people suffering from this affliction need to gather information and decide for themselves what is the best path to recovery.

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