Thursday, December 7, 2006

Do you have Morgellons Disease?

Common symptoms include:
Itching and/or stinging sensations on the skin
The sensation of crawling or biting, like there are bugs on or in the skin
The expulsion of fiberous material, similar to textile fibers (commonly known as Morgies)
Open lesions that are not healing and may exhibit black seed-like deposits
Difficulty concentrating or trouble remembering

The distinct combination of several or all of these symptoms may lead your diagnosis away from a simple parasite infestation and towards Morgellons. Treatment may be similar to that of a parasite infestation, though new treatments are sure to be developed and tested as further research is completed. Make sure to save samples, if possible, to bring with you to a doctor or dermatologist. Websites, such as the Morgellons Reasearch Foundation, have images to assist you in your self-diagnosis.

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