Friday, December 8, 2006

Morgellons Disease Appears to be Spreading

Though Morgellons is most prevalent in California, Texas, and Florida cases have been reported in all fifty states and even in other countries in Asia and Europe. According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, there are clusters of cases in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Jose, and San Diego in California as well as Houston, Dallas, and Austin Texas. It is not known whether it is the climate, population makeup, or certain traffic patterns are causing these localized breakouts. Ongoing research should be able to track down evidence inthe near future as the CDC is finally taking the matter more seriously.

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Smileykins said...

"Morgellons disease" has appeared to be spreading, due to the MRF's propaganda, which gets vulnerable people to fall prey to their lies. People have brought their DOP out of the closet, and taken it mainstream. We can all see what this is, as well as "how it all started with a young boy named Drew", who is the victim of a self-reported suspected of munchausen syndrome by proxy woman, but the sick people who think they have this cannot see it for what it is.

"Impaired awareness of illness is very difficult for other people to comprehend. To other people, a person's psychiatric symptoms seem so obvious that its hard to believe the person is not aware he/she is ill. Oliver Sacks, in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, noted this problem:"

"It is not only difficult, it is impossible for patients with certain right-hemisphere syndromes to know their own problems...And it is singularly difficult, for even the most sensitive observer, to picture the inner state, the 'situation' of such patients, for this is almost unimaginably remote from anything he himself has ever known."

The people who think they have such a thing as "morgellons disease" are in sorry states of mental health, and they are destroying their children, and family pets, along with everything else. Reading the abuse & neglect on their message boards makes me an accomplice, as well as anyone else who reads it. It's abuse that can't be reported, though.

Primary Psychotic DOP & Secondary Functional DOP, covering psychological disturbances, and psychiatric conditions, are obviously what "morgellons disease" is for many people. I think more people would grasp how to get out from under their false beliefs, if more of them had DOP due to a Secondary Organic cause.

Not knowing anyone personally, one cannot tell why these people are stuck so firmly inside their delusions, but denial, doctor-hopping, and all the things morgies report, are typical of DOP. Oh, well, of course this damned reinforcement of The Cult of Morgellons is why they're stuck inside this mess.

They've spread their disease to others through media coverage. So, some people who may be somewhat less mentally, or emotionally, challenged than some, have also fallen under the false belief.

It's a mess. A sick, sad, sorry, mess.