Monday, December 11, 2006

People Magazine Profiles Morgellons Sufferers

The December 18th issue of People Magazine contains an article discussing the controversial nature of Morgellons Disease.


Anonymous said...

I am a morgellons suffer for 14 years now. I too know it is real and I am afraid there will never be a cure. I want to talk to someone that is suffering from this awful disease. I feel so alone. Please help. Pamela Lee 420 Beechtree Road Columbus Ohio 43213, 614-237-0001.

Anonymous said...

This disease has been around for a while. When it is mentioned people think that you are crazy. I know it is real I have it, along with all the torment it is so had not to go nuts. I am afraid as many people because there seems to be no cure.Please help.

Ole de Cronche said...

There are several online forums where you can get in touch with other sufferers. Try one, such as Morgellons Hope
to talk to other people witht he same concerns.