Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Symptoms are Symptoms, but is it Morgellons?

I ran across a good article review over at Morgellons Watch. They offer up some perspectives on the other side of Morgellons, that of parasitic delusions. They do not insist that it is all pure imagination, but recognize that patients are indeed suffering from physical trauma. What is the cause of their troubles is the real question and something that Morgellons sufferers need to realistically consider. Are they indeed afflicted with a mysterious disease or is it something else compounded by their unwillingness to follow doctors' advice. There is a distinct pattern of floating from doctor to doctor and accepting the first alternative advice, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, in search of a cure for Morgellons. However, research has yet to prove difinitively that this disease truly exists and, if so, can a cure be found.

For more on this review and the article follow this link to Morgellons Watch.


Tall Cotton said...

Ole de Cronche,

Thank you for encouraging people to examine both sides of the Morgellons issue. Of course, you know my opinion on Morgellons, after having Smileykin's and Tall Cotton's blog at www.of-morgellons.blogspot.com. Thank you for leaving a comment there.

Tall Cotton

Ole de Cronche said...

I really can't say one way or the other if this is really a disease or if it is all in people's heads. What I do know is that people need to approach this, and anything health related, with an open mind and look for real evidence and not jump to conclusions.

Thanks for visiting.